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Hey Guys- Sorry I haven't posted in a while. But I thought it was necessary  to document this time in my life. The time in my life when I was completley and Totally obsessed with the Television show, Glee. It's on my mind all the time! I was trying to read the other day and all I could think about was Glee and I had to Read the page over like ten times. Earlier today my little sister wanted me to play bendaroos and I seriously almost made the Glee Banner in Little bendaroos. I have both CD's and all the songs on my iPod. I decided that the only way I could express my love in a healthy way was the make music video's. I'm working on my first Glee Vid Right now!! I'll be sure to post it on my journal and probably post it on the glee Community or something. I don't know yet....But yeahh I love all the character and all the songs and everything and anything in that show!  (also really enjoy looking at Noah Puckerman's fine figure and face every time I watch it.He is so Sexy.)  So yeah I think that is it for now...I promise you will see lots of stuff from glee in the future!! 
~Delaney, The Gleeaddict.~ 

P.S-- Also guys, I decided to kind of clean out my journal of all useless tags and entries...and then I realized they all were kind of stupid. But yeahh I will post more later!