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Video News..

So my Video is almost complete, and I'm super excited! I think it's turning out pretty well and I can't wait to post it up here.
It's a Quinn/Finn Video. I'm not sure if I like this pairing that much- but when I heard the song I'm using it just kind of screamed Quinn and Finn.
But yeah I'm sure you will see lots of videos in the future, and trust me there will be something for everyone. I think this the first show that I really like most of the couples introduced. Quinn/Finn, Puck/Quinn, Puck/Rachel, Rachel/Finn---I think they are all cute! The only couple that has to go together is Will/Emma. They are so cute, I don't think I could ever make a video about either of them with other people, I just love the pairing to much. I already have some video's lined up that I'm really excited to do! So yeah i'm almost done with my video and I hope to get it up by tomorrow!